Growth Plan
CTN is used to separate and store coffee bean supply chains in three South American countries, such as cultivation places, producer information, and coffee bean information, using blockchain technology. Whenever beans are produced by the producer, a block is created, making it possible to track certain beans from the producer and confirm the certificate. The consumer-centered "CTN APPLICATION," which allows consumers to extract coffee bean information directly using blockchain technology, is being developed to increase transparency in the supply of coffee beans and increase production and sustainability of the coffee bean industry. Cooperative producers from the three South American countries mentioned earlier should be offered reasonable prices from consumers first, and through inducing producers' active participation, consumers can easily track all coffee beans from the three South American countries.
Therefore, as more consumers participate in CTN ECO-SYSTEM, it will have a positive result of purchasing high-quality beans at an efficient price from all consumers purchasing beans of different quality at the same price. CTN will bring continuous satisfaction to producers from the three South American countries and coffee lovers around the world based on the transparency and reliability of blockchain technology.
CTN will continue to develop and evolve in partnership with coffee makers in various countries and coffee companies in third countries. CTN ECO-SYSTEM will establish itself as a huge coffee bean distribution platform in the future, and as it continues to be used, both producers and consumers will be given higher incentives.
CTN's final goal is to apply blockchain technology to the existing coffee beans industry to solve the problems that have existed so far and to build a better ecosystem that can create new value. We will create a world where producers and consumers can contribute to ecosystem growth together and create a more transparent and convenient ecosystem to maximize each other's profits and realize fair trade.
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