The world's first blockchain-based coffee beans platform
  • An application system based on tracking and sharing coffee beans information
  • Reward platform based on coffee beans distribution history inquiry service
  • Smart contracts and payments using a coffee bean tracking system and a coffee bean distribution history inquiry service
  • Blockchain-based South American coffee supply chain management solution
CTN provides a multi-wallet-type CTN platform to all users who participated in the ecosystem and participants in the coffee beans distribution industry and provides a system that allows immediate payment within the balance. In addition, it provides transparent and reasonable services to users who participated in the ecosystem by establishing a data channel that can collect key information by grasping everything about bean production in real-time, including statistics on bean production, quality, rates, and production in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. In the CTN ecosystem, how quickly and quickly producers can provide bean information is a very important part. This is because it is a key role in helping users and distributors enter the market faster and faster than in the past. Therefore, CTN wants to encourage producers to participate in the ecosystem through various benefits and rewards so that they can provide bean information more quickly and faithfully.
CTN will allow operators related to coffee bean production and distribution in the three South American countries to voluntarily enter electronic ledger information, which will build coffee bean tracking-based distribution history in big data and provide it as a paid service to buyers in third countries.
CTN's data collection
In addition, if the "CTN Point (CTNP)" that can be used in CTN application services is tokenized with blockchain technology and settled as a virtual asset, CTNP will also have endless potential for development.
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