Token Economy
CTN Eco-system
Unlike conventional centralized methods, decentralized blockchain technology allows CTN ECO-SYSTEM to share the same information with all users using a distributed ledger.
CTN ECO-SYSTEM establishes a system that classifies producers, consumers, and companies (companies that use coffee distribution information) through CTN PLATFORM, producer members classify them based on historical information accompanying coffee beans' distribution information, and consumers and corporate members grade them based on purchasing power. The producer will be provided with a reward by reward system when registering coffee bean distribution information, and the proven producer will provide transparency to consumers and companies. Therefore, consumers and companies who purchase beans based on trust will be motivated to use CTN PLATFORM by providing a virtuous cycle in which points will be accumulated or discount coupons will be provided when participating in various purchase events. In addition, by providing block-level membership services through this virtuous cycle reward system, marketing such as various promotions and events can be continued. As such, block-by-block membership makes it possible to provide mutually providing services that allow producers and consumers to view higher levels of information. Coffee bean purchases and paid memberships can be paid directly through PG or by exchanging coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) currently traded on the exchange into CTN or CTNP.
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